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What is mixing?

Mixing means creating the final mix of a song by combining its various elements. The goal of mixing is to create the best possible listening experience while conveying the feeling and message of the song. Proper mixing can really bring a song to life, but it can’t make a song something it’s not when the production or arrangement is lacking. You should always be happy with your production before sending it off for mixing.

5 basic steps

1. Balance

Equalization of levels between individual elements of the song, including automatically using the change of levels in different parts of the song, if necessary.

2. Stereo

Use panning to place elements in a stereo field.

3. EQ

With the help of EQ, we control the frequency range of various elements so that they fit well, as well as setting the tone of parts of the song.

4. Compression

Compression is used to control the dynamic range of instruments as well as to change the sound.

5. Effects

Using effects like reverb, delay and chorus we can make the mix more interesting and also help things blend in with the track.