Slovakian curator Richard Zagiba makes a Reworck debut with his brand new Just Hear project, a manifestation of many years refining it’s unique sound. With no shortage of studio experience under previous guises, this incarnation heralds a new dawn from which this talented artist is set to cement his reputation in 2016 and beyond. By virtue of it’s seductive layers of texture and arpeggio, ‚Uni Verse‘ is techy and trippy in equal proportions. These rich sounds flirt amongst a solid bed of pulsing bass and deep spoken vocals. Reworck’s Pole Folder authors a reinterpretation of his own, taking some of the key original weaponry as ammunition to go forth into even deeper, trippier territory. We hope you enjoy.


  • Release dateJanuary 21, 2016
  • CatalogRW25
  • LabelReworck

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