It is with great pleasure that we welcome Egyptian duo Aguizi & Fahim with ‚Faint‘ for their debut release on ICONYC. The original is an emotionally charged progressive house groover that opens with all manner of melodic synthetic bleeps, sound bites, chopped vocal snippets and futuristic effect hits before the lead melody gradually eases into the fray. The track continues to build on a solid foundation of tough percussive grooves and bass-lines. A gorgeous progressive house cut that is perfect for that prime time dance floor moment that will get you moving all night long.

Adding to our list of all-star remixers, we brought in ‚Just Hear‘ the moniker of non other than Richard Zagiba aka Ri Za. Richard, who knows a thing or two when it comes to mind blowing reworks, turns his mix into an irresistible track using the original elements with perfection. Richard layers more melodies and effects, whilst upping the flow with cleverly programmed percussion and their trademark FX elements. Essential stuff!

The second interpretation comes from a man who’s on fire at the moment London based sensation ‚Zak Gee‘ who masterfully toughens up the percussion, complimented by a huge brooding bass, chopped synth hits and subtle chord changes whilst stripping back the melodies, giving his remix a hypnotic spaced out vibe with a rolling tech house beat, closing out the release with another stunning remix from Zak.

‚Faint‘ delivers influenced progressive house beats that will make everyone smile. Another essential track from ICONYC aimed straight at the soul, be ready to dance to it!


  • Release dateOctober 24, 2016
  • Catalog238W0089
  • LabelICONYC

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