The leafs are changing color from green to brown, the sun shows it’s friendly face less often and rain and wind are becoming a regular factor again. That’s right, autumn is here! And with the change of season comes a new ‚Seasons‘ V/A EP on MNL as you’ve come to expect from us. Once again we’ve brought together a mixed group of artists from various parts of planet earth. Introducing Malecka from France, Ri Za from Slovakia, Graumann from Turkey and Nic Furlong from Ireland – all new artists to the Manual family. To top things off Paul Funkee from Russia makes his return after having released his ‚The King / The Queen‘ single on the label last year.

Five different artists from five different countries, each with their own unique sound but rich in quality and suitable for the MNL feel. Enjoy!


  • Release dateOctober 26, 2015
  • CatalogMNL072
  • LabelMNL

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