Ri Za is one of the rising talents in the slovakian techno/house scene. He has build a very good repution with constant hard and effective work, which can be highlighted with releases on well renowned labels like Baroque Recordings and Traum. His works operating with a crystal clear sound – as a reference, as he is working as a mastering engineer too – crossing the fat, tech flavoured baseline and textures with housey vibes, and airy visions. The creative segment will ensure the power of ideas in his latest EP signed with Suffused Music – as the label’s 85th piece – called ‘Far Beyond My Mind’. This 3-tracker is the statement of Ri Za’s sound, which is able to fascinate without additional remix works. The swirling synths flirts with sharp rhythm portions in ‘Champions’. ‘Far Beyond’ drops more melodic ingredients on the energetic tone, while ‘My Mind’ is a love affair of glistering sound, laying on a fast evolving baseline, spiced with a charming female vocal.

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