With the Tour De Traum IX we open another exciting chapter of music on Traum with tracks by new artist we selected over the last 6 months and tracks by artists already on our label. We are happy that so many artists trust us that we will select music which is ruled by musicality and a free spirit.

You will find very cool modern electronic listening music again, but this time there are lot more deeper electronic cuts than on the predecessors included. All was compiled by Riley Reinhold who also contributed the two continuous DJ mixes in a workshop fashion.

Ri Za has been with us for a while on Tour De Traum releases always writing cool music. Here we have picked up a brand new track which he wrote with new bought equipment, it has nice tempo changes that range from Latin flavored sounds to the deepness of post Detroit techno. If that sounds weird, listen and you will see it all works hand in hand in a nice way, drawing you in, the longer you listen to the track.


  • Release dateDecember 1, 2014
  • LabelTraum

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